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Please see below a list of email addresses and their suitability for each type of query. Please check this carefully before getting in touch.

sales@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: Purchase orders / Purchase order amendments / Amendments to schedules

quality@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: Any complaint relating to product quality / Any complaint relating to level of service / Non Conformance Reports / Reject notes / Supplier Corrective Action Reports

engineering@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: Details of technical changes to an existing product / Product change requests / Technical Product Documents / Vender Order Packages / Engineering Change Order / Engineering Change Request / Advance Action Engineering Change Request

accounts@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: Remittance advice notifications / Statements / Any account query / Debit & credit notifications

purchasing@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: Invoices / Statements / Purchase order acknowledgments / Payment requests

goodsin@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: Any booking in delivery requests / Electronic delivery notifications

info@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: A request for further information on our products and services

jobs@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: Your CV or details to apply for any position advertised

maintenance@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: Details of any service or maintenance contracts

enquiries@broadwater.co.uk – Please send: Any general enquiry that is not covered by anything else