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Unique Selling Point

“We would always try to offer products with an AS moulded surface finish”

Broadwater’s Unique Selling Point is the ability produce and supply mouldings and assemblies with a surface finish which does not require painting or post mould coating. Painting is always an option, and is essential in some cases. However, in order to offer our customers the best value for money, we would always try to offer products with an “as moulded surface finish”, which maybe high gloss, semi-gloss, or textured.

Removing the need for painting does save money. Painting a composite panel can increase the total cost by up 70% in extreme cases.

Where durability is a consideration, gel coats have been found to outperform paint systems, particularly where chipping and scratching are an issue, and the appearance of the product is important. In fact, surface durability and cosmetic appearance retention has been a major factor in winning some new projects for Broadwater.

Case History: BWM Saved One Customer Over £63K per Year, On Only 300 Units By Reducing Painting!